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PÖFF Expanded pushes the boundaries of cinema

Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The 26th edition of the Black Nights Film Festival premieres an expanded cinema project, the Time Quartet, which marks the launch of the new PÖFF Expanded programme dedicated to artists’ and experimental films.

The four films of Time Quartet explore human nature through time, language and empathy. Accompanied by live performative and visual arts elements, as well as the participation of filmmakers, the screenings constitute a unique shared experience in an immersive environment designed to push the boundaries of cinema.

According to the festivals’ director Tiina Lokk, PÖFF Expanded envisions a long-term outlook. “Inspired by Berlinale Forum Expanded and International Film Festival Rotterdam, PÖFF Expanded aims to blur the lines between cinema and visual arts and engage the creators and audiences of both fields”, said Lokk.

The programme’s curator and the producer of Time Quartet, Len Murusalu stated that the role of authors’ film in visual arts is rising. “PÖFF Expanded helps advance genre-transcending and experimental films. Our goal is to lay the foundation for something that can evolve into a strong international collaboration and distribution platform”, added Murusalu.

Screenings times of Time Quartet at the Sõprus Cinema (Vana-Posti 8, Tallinn) are Nov. 22nd at 7 PM and Nov. 25th at 6PM. All films have English subtitles, followed by a discussion panel in English, moderated by Gareth Evans.

The films were made with support from Estonian Film Institute, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Estonian Union of Photography Artists. Time Quartet was produced by ChronoLens, an artist’s film production company.