Kissing Your Tongue


Two lovers, separated by languages, confess to each other in their own native tongues.

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14 min - B/W - 4K DCP - 32:9, 16:9 - 5.1, Stereo

Directors: Anna Hints & Tushar Prakash

Script: Anna Hints & Tushar Prakash

Cinematography: Ants Tammik

Editing: Anna Hints & Tushar Prakash

Sound design: Tanel Kadalipp

Music: Spike Snell

Producers: Len Murusalu, Tauno Novek, Anna Hints, Tushar Prakash

Languages: Estonian, Võro, Hindi with English subtitles

Alternative titles:
Suudle mind oma keelega  
मिलाप तुम्हारी जुबानी से

Financed by: Estonian Film Institute, Estonian Cultural Endowment


Anna Hints & Tushar Prakash

Anna Hints and Tushar Prakash have creatively collaborated since 2019. They have written together two short fiction scripts Weight of Light and Sauna Day. Together with Qutaiba Barhamji they have edited Anna‘s feature-length debut documentary Smoke Sauna Sisterhood which received a prestigious Sundance Institute post-production grant.

Anna is deeply rooted in the distinct culture of South Estonia, yet since 2016 years her second home has been India. Tushar, a graduate of the National Polish Film School in Lodz, is originally from Delhi but has been living in Estonia since 2020. Kissing Your Tongue is the couple’s first creative collaboration.